July 24, 2012
Commander of the faithful, Ali ibn Abi Talib and Mu’awiyah (radiallahu anhu)

Ibn Asaakir reported from Abu Zur’ah Ar-Raazee that a man said to him, 

"I dislike Mu’awiyah."

Abu Zu’rah said, “Why?”

He said, “Because he fought Ali.”

Then Abu Zur’ah said to him, “Woe unto you! indeed the lord of Mu’awyiyah is a Merciful and the opponent of Mu’awiyah is a merciful opponent; now where do you come in between them? May Allaah be pleased with both of them.”

[Al-Bidaayah Wa An-Nihaayah (8/133)] 


Umar ibn Abdil-Azeez said, “I saw the Messenger of Allaah (sallallahu alyhi wasallam) in  dream while Abu Bakr and Umar were sitting beside him. I gave the greeting of Salam to him. I was sitting with them when Ali And Mu’awiyah were brought and taken into a house which was thereafter locked; I was looking on. It was not very long after which Ali Came out while he was saying, ‘The judgement was for me, I swear by the lord of the Ka’bah.’ It was immediately after him that Mu’awiyah came out while he was saying, ‘I was forgiven; I swear by the lord of the Ka’bah.”

[Al-Bidaayah Wa An-Nihaayah (8/133)] 

During his Caliphate, Mu’awiyah had requested Diraar As-Sadai’I to describe Ali to him. He then said, “Spare me of the pain, O commander of the Faithful.”

Mu’awiyah said, “You must describe him to me.”

He said, “since there is no way out of what you ask, I say, by Allaah, Ali had a loud voice, very powerful; he would say what is right, would judge with justice. He would seek knowledge in all its aspects, would talk with wisdom from all angles; he had an aversion for the world and its splendor, he use to take delight in the night and its loneliness, he expressed himself with deep thoughts, used to love coarse clothes and inferior quality food.
With us, he was like one of us; he would answer us when we asked him, would listen to us when we asked him to. We, by Allaah, despite his closeness to us and our closeness to him, we were not able to talk to him out of respect for him. He held the people of religion in high eaten and would draw the poor close to himself. He would not aid a powerful person in his wrongdoing. and the weak would not lose hope from his justice. I bear testimony that I saw him on one instance in the darkness of the night, holding his beard, fidgeting and crying like a sad person, and saying, ‘O world, beguile someone other than me! Never, Never! I have taken a different path from you three times, I shall never return. Your lifespan is short, your danger is little, I bemoan about the paucity of provisions for a long journey on a lonely path.”

Having heard that, Mu’awiyah (radiallahu anhu) cried and said, “May Allaah be merciful to Abul Hasan (Ali). “ 



It is narrated that it reached Ali (radiallahu anha) that two companions had insulted Mu’awiyah and cursed the people of Sham. So he wrote to them telling them to desist from what he had heard. Both of the companions then came to him saying, “O Commander of the faithful, are we not on the truth and they are false?” 

Ali said, “Yes, by the lord of the Ka’bah.”

They said, “So then why do you prevent us from insulting and cursing them?”

Ali said, “I dislike that you should be cursers, but instead say, ‘O Allaah, preserve our blood and theirs, and rectify what is between ourselves and them, and distance them from falsehood.’”

[Tahqiq Muwaqif Al-Sahabah fil Fitna (2/232)]


Messenger of Allaah (sallallahu alyhi wasallam) said, O Allaah! make him a rightly guided guide and guide people through him. 

[ Sahih, Sunan At-Tirmidhi with authentic chain of narration, Shaykh Albaanee (rahimahullah) no 3018 (236)


Prophet (sallallahu alyhi wasallam) also said, “O Allaah! teach him the book [the Qur’aan] and protect him from the punishment.”

[Hasan, Fadail as-Sahabah, chain of narration is good, (2/913)]


Those who curse Mu’awiyah (radiallahu anhu) do not possess knowledge equal to a grain. Its easier for them to lift their tongue than anything else.
Mu’awiya’s greatness and our love towards him will not decrease from their slander, because the barking of dogs does not hurt the clouds.

As noble Scholar, Shaykh Muqbil (rahimahullah) said,
"So let my enemies say what they will for my sins are many and perhaps because of their backbiting and slander my sins will lighted and instead fall upon their shoulder."

May Allaah be pleased with Ali Ibn Abi Talib 
May Allaah be pleased with Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan. 

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